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With a food and water crisis already in motion it is important to secure your family's nourishment needs.

We are quickly approaching the season of plentiful fruits and vegetables. It won’t be long until we are enjoying a bounty of fresh cut greens, spicy arugula, spring onions, strawberries and, soon enough, juicy tomatoes and buttery potatoes! In addition we have private springs of pure mineral rich alkaline water.

So how can you ensure these goodies make it to your table? You can join Amman Community Farm's ACF — Community Supported Agriculture!

Become a Member

First, become a member by purchasing a $29.00 Agri-Share Box as your membership fee. It's a win-win. Every week, we harvest what has come up on the farm fields. We practice good agriculture, cultivating the land using sustainable techniques to grow the best fruits and vegetables.

You place your order every weekend, from Friday until Sunday at 9 p.m. Your fresh produce delivery arrives the following week. You'll get our specially curated boxes filled with recommended fruits, vegetables. Feel free to skip a week if you need to.

Don’t wait for a delivery truck or the mail. One of our neighborhood coordinators will bring your box to your doorstep. Our coordinators are local and available to answer any questions you have about the process and how you can best feed your family with our current offerings.

Members enjoy exclusive benefits and farm access.
Choose the weekly (5-day meal plan) or monthly (15-day meal plan)
Agri-Share membership subscription level that’s right for your family.

Here are some of the fresh foods you can expect in your Agri-Share Membership Produce Box this season starting May 2020.
~ Seasonal vegetables: squash, zucchini, eggplant, pumpkins, tomatoes ,potatoes, mustard greens, collards, cabbage, green beans, onions, scallions, cucumbers, carrots, moringa.
Plus, a variety of herbs for seasoning and to promote wellness.
~ Available now: Halal Lamb, Chickens, and Eggs
~ Special value-add items include: Freeze-dried and dehydrated fruits, vegetables,
alkaline water, specialty jams, jellies, desserts, and beverages. Fresh cut flowers, moringa trees, natural personal care items and so much more with your membership.

~ Subscribe below today.
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Agri-Share is Bountiful.
Note: Your Agri-Share Membership subscription can be auto-billed monthly if you like (is not automatic) after your first pre-paid membership order is fulfilled and you are satisfied with your
Agri-Share Produce Box.


Agri-Share Weekly $49 Produce Box

When signing up for an ACF share, you become a direct investor in Amman Community Farm. Your weekly Agri-Share produce box is filled with ultra-local and seasonal produce that the Amman Community Farm has assembled.

Also included is three (3) gallons of LIVE Alkaline Water - with the occasional value-added product (jam, canned tomatoes, dried herbs & teas, eggs, flowers*, etc.) The produce you receive will be as fresh as it gets, oftentimes harvested the same day that your share is delivered.


Market-Style Agri-Share Build-a-Box Subscription

Amman Community Farm "Market-Style" includes one cut of halal lamb, one case of LIVE Alkaline Water (6-gallons). Our ultra-local and seasonal produce assembled-with the occasional value-added product (jam, canned tomatoes, dried herbs & teas, eggs, flowers*, etc.) The produce that you receive will be as fresh as it gets, often times harvested the same day that your share is delivered.

Within your "Market-Style" Agri-Share Subscription you'll get one or two types of produce that you might not …

Harvesting: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter


To ensure your Agri-Share Box is as fresh as can be, we rotate our menu according to which fruits and vegetables are in season. That way, the food on your table always tastes great, and you get to discover new foods all throughout the year.