African Holistic Health, by Dr. Llaila O. Afrika is the first major book which addresses health issues from a comprehensive African-centered viewpoint. It provides a complete guide to herbal remedies along with homeopathic disease treatments. What makes African Holistic Health truly unique is the research Dr. Afrika has provided on the physiological and psychological differences between people of African descent versus people of European descent. In addition, Dr. Afrika provides a complete history (from the ninth century to the eighteenth century) of the European herb trade and why Europe invaded Africa for healing plants. Finally, he concludes be detailing how European diseases defeated ancient Africa.

~ African Holistic Health, written by Dr. Llaila O. Afrika is our first intense primer to awaken us from our deep sleep. It reviews and explains the major healing techniques and principles, which if studied by continental and African-American and their descendants, will quite definitely begin to awaken the dormant genes within our cells that contain the ancient knowledge of how to use light properly. It will also reveal to us how to redevelop the appropriate technology, which will affect immediate cure instead of disease…” –Dr. Jewel Pookrum, M.D., Ph,D.

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